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Graduates Abroad – USA

CNM validated my belief that our health is in our hands

Andrea, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

As soon as I enrolled at CNM I felt validated in my belief that our health is in our hands, and that with the right support and guidance we can all achieve optimal health. Today I get to fulfill on this belief by running online group programs and individual consultations from my home office in Los Angeles.

Outside of this I work part-time for the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) the US equivalent to the ANP, who’s mission is to advocate for and empower a flourishing community of professionals dedicated to the principles of holistic nutrition.

CNM provided the foundation for me to live a life I love, and live it powerfully!

I’m living my dream in California

Lucy, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I had eczema my whole life and acne since I was a teenager. I was taught how to manage my condition with steroid creams, antibiotics etc. but it never got to the crux of the issue. I started doing my own research and began to find out that skin health was largely related to the state of our gut, our detoxification potential, and food intolerances etc, also the way that we deal with stress. The more research I did the more interested I became. I loved it so much that I knew that I wanted a career based around health, nutrition and helping people to realize their full potential in life, where I could be my own boss.

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At CNM in Belfast I got to study a subject that I loved and was genuinely interested in. The lecturers were very enthusiastic and I made some wonderful lifelong friends at the college. I graduated in August 2015 with a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy.

Now I have achieved a dream of mine and moved to California, where I run Lucy Magee Nutrition and see clients between Los Angeles and San Diego. I am currently working with a Hollywood Actress as her nutritionist. I’m in a career that I absolutely love! I get so much joy out of helping people to become the best versions of themselves possible. There’s an ever increasing need in today’s society, and I plan to extend my health business in the UK, Ireland, and America. The sky is the limit!

Lucy can be contacted via lucy@lucymageenutrition.com